Sunday, May 10, 2015

Book Review- Half Girlfriend

Writer – Chetan Bhagat Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat, again created the same history: The best selling book. As usual I also had the same excitement about the book. But after reading the book I really got disappointed. At this stage of the career people expect more from Chetan but he presented the same stuff again, seems like packaging is new but the product is old. I really don’t want to be harsh but this book bounded me to say this in the straight voice that if you don't want to waste your time please don't go through that. The same kind of dramatic and boring romantic stuff, of no use. Book will start with little filmy drama. Up to the middle also it is bearable, one climax when hero’s girlfriend goes, will definitely create your interest but after reading 2-3 pages of the scene you will return to the old kind of filmy mother's scene with the girlfriend. This will definitely get you bore. End of the book will sucks you. Over dragging struggle of the hero for finding his girlfriend and met in the last night when he was about to leave the place and dropped the idea also, running on the roads, no taxi, heavy snowfall etc., seems like Chetan taking the exam of your patience. Well my suggestion is: to save your time, better to go for any other good one.